Kenneth Branagh to return to London stage July 03?

Kenneth Branagh to return to London stage July 03?

The Evening Standard reports that Kenneth Branagh is to return to the London stage for the first time in 11 years in the title role of David Mamet's Edmond at the National Theatre in July 03.

His last appearance was in 1992 Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The NT's artistic director Nicholas Hytner said: "I spoke to Ken very shortly after I was appointed and we starting talking about him acting and directing here." The reason he wants to do the play - apart from being here at the National - is that it struck him with huge force. He responded to the extremity of Mamet's writing. Great plays take to their extreme the furies and insecurities that drive all of us to some degree or other - and great actors want to be in those great plays." Hytner said: "Edmond is about an ordinary guy who gradually turns into a violent raging animal, and he spirals through several circles of urban hell to get there. It is as challenging a role as anything in contemporary theatre." Hytner added: "It is a particularly savage play. As Edmond spirals into this terrible searing urban hell he tries to buy sex, and ends up murdering a pimp and an outof-work actress as the layers are peeled off him. He starts off an obedient middle-class white guy and turns into a great howling mass of misogyny, racism and violence.

It will be directed by Edward Hall

The report can be found on the Evening Standard web site Here

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