Kensington Drama Company Spring Season at Barons Court

Kensington Drama Company presents its Spring Season at the Barons Court Theatre, a fringe venue in Kensington, west London, from 29 March to 16 April 2011.

29 March to 2 April 2011
She Ventures And He Wins, by Ariadne, directed by Jane-Eve Straughton. This Restoration Comedy was considered rather shocking at the time, so the playwright used the pen-name of 'Ariadne' - and her true identity has never been discovered.. Kensington Drama Company stage this amusing new version in the Twenties, with added music and dancing. The play concerns Charlotte, an heiress, who wants to marry a man who loves her for her intelligence and not her money. So she dresses up as a boy and.....

5 to 9 April 2011
Cab Ride & Demolition In Progress (Double Bill), by Nick Mouton / by Kirstie Swain. Directed by James Steer / Chloe Moffat. CAB RIDE: A businessman who wants some quiet chooses to take a long trip home by taxi...but he has a driver who likes to engage his fares. DEMOLITION IN PROGRESS: An old couple are required to move from their house, so that it can be demolished. When a council worker arrives to enforce the move, they take a dark and defiant stand to stay where they are.

12 to 16 April 2011
A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess. Directed by Duncan Moore. Alex leads his gang through the streets of this almost familiar England on orgies of random violence. Eventually he is captured and subjected to State brainwashing. The audience faces a moral dilemma: how far should we go in punishing/re-educating someone like Alex?

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