Killed: July 17th 1916 plays Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, the Bang Theatre Company presents Killed: July 17th 1916, originally created by The Theatre in Education Company at the Belgrade Theatre, playing the Jack Studio Theatre, in Brockley, south-east London, beginning previews on 05 Aug 2014, officially opening on 07 Aug and concluding performances on 09 Aug 2014.

The cast of Killed: July 17th 1916 includes Pearce Sampson (Billy Dean), Mabel Wright (May Dean), Annabelle Green (Elsie), Tom Woodward (Tommy/Private Walsh), Jordan Alexander (Captain Howard), Neil Hobbs (RSM), and Samantha Roberts (Patriotic Woman).

Killed: July 17th 1916 is directed by Elizabeth Elstub, with scenic design by Dave Benson, sound by Max Thompson, lighting by Tom Kitney and costume design by Costume Up.

Synopsis: 'Inspired by the eye witness account of Private P.J. Kennedy, 18th Manchester Regiment, of the execution by firing squad of a fellow soldier for desertion in the face of the enemy. Kitchener called. Brave working men, often from the same town and factories, answered in their tens of thousands. They became known as the 'Pals' Battalions. During World War One, over three million men were slaughtered in the fields of France. 306 of those men did not die for King and Country. No trial. No hope. No pardon. They were executed by firing squad for desertion in the face of the enemy. For one terror stricken boy in khaki the end was a kitchen chair hidden in a French quarry. This is his story. Billy Dean is a young volunteer soldier, who has been found guilty of desertion in the face of the enemy. The sentence: execution by firing squad 5.30am July 17th 1916.'

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