King of the F*ckin' Castle at the Vault Festival

Susie Newbery for LAB Theatre present King of the F*ckin' Castle, a new play by Richard Sheridan, at the Vault Festival in Waterloo from 4 to 8 March 2015.

The play is about homelessness and is led by LAB Theatre's Artistic Director Joshua McTaggart, who is currently directing 'Marching on Together' at the Old Red Lion Theatre in east central London.

Synopsis: "Jack has been the king of this castle for years. Does he own it? All he owns is the sleeping bag he calls a bed. But that castle, it’s his. And one day his daughter is going to join him and they’re going to live there, him and his princess, together. But Jack’s reign is threatened when Emmie, a young woman who has recently found herself homeless and on the streets, turns up on Jack’s turf."

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