Kingmaker - satire at Above the Arts Theatre

Spontaneity Shop & Hartshorn-Hook Productions present Kingmaker, a satirical play by Robert Khan & Tom Salinsky, at Above the Arts Theatre from 4 May to 23 May 2015, with an opening night on 6 May.

The production will be directed by Hannah Eidinow, with cast including Alan Cox (Max Newman), Joanna Bending (Eleanor Hopkirk) and Laurence Dobiesz (Dan Regan).

Synopsis: "Former Mayor of London Max Newman is a seasoned politician, scruffy, energetic, seemingly chaotic immensely charming and very ambitious. As the top job becomes vacant, Max knows his time may well have come. He needs to make his move but he also needs someone to stand against so it doesn’t appear to be a shoo-in. Into the frame comes Dan Regan. Young and impressive, he has risen through the ranks very quickly but, some may say, he is a little naïve? And then there is Eleanor Hopkirk, a seasoned Tory Whip who sees straight into Max’s soul and will do everything to stand in his way. Is Dan a dupe, a decoy or Max Newman’s nemesis, can Eleanor do anything to stop the former Mayor and will Max’s comic and colourful past return to destroy him? Set in a stuffy office in the House of Commons in a time quite close to the present, Kingmaker takes a sly satirical look at the ruthless game of politics and reveals a man behind a myth and a myth behind a man."

The play enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year and will follow up its limited residency in the West End at Above the Arts Theatre with a three night at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton from 25 to 27 May 2015.

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