Knowledge of Angels by Popelei - Shoreditch Church

Popelei Theatre presents Knowledge of Angels, by Jill Paton Walsh, adapted for the stage by Tamsin Clarke, at St Leonard's, Shoreditch Church, in east London, from 3 to 27 Oct 2012.

Starring Henry Douthwaite, Matthew Wade, David Vale, Tamsin Clarke, Maixence Bauduin, Julia Correa.

An island somewhat like Mallorca, but not Mallorca, at a time somewhat like 1450, but not 1450... The ordered tranquility of a remote island is about to be shattered by the appearance of two outsiders: one, an atheist, plucked from the sea by fishermen, whose beliefs represent a challenge to the established order; the other, a child raised by wolves, whose innocence will become the subject of a dangerous experiment.

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