Liars' Market By Ernest Hall at Union Theatre from 27 April

JMK Productions presents Liars’ Market by Ernest Hall, at Union Theatre, a fringe venue in south London, from 27 April to 15 May 2010.

Directed by Alan Dossor and starring Lucy Beaumont, Jamie Kenna, Howard Teale, Anny Tobin.

Designed by Charlie Cridlan, lighting by Mark Pritchard, sound by Colin Brown.

Takes us into the lives of four individuals living and working in 1947 post-war Bradford; yearning for excitement, and dreaming of a future that seems to lie just as far out of their reach as it was before the World War.

Hall's twisting plot and darkly intriguing characters show us just how far people will go to get what they desire, and the choices they make when someone stands in their way.

Driven by lust, greed, deception and dreams, Max, Susan, Eric and Sonia become entangled with each others lives in a murderous descent into a darkness far removed from the bright new world of the Health Service and Welfare State.

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