Lillies at the Courtyard Theatre, Shoreditch.

Lillies, written by Michel Marc Bouchard translated by Linda Gaboriau, directed by Roderick D. Morgan, produced by Sinister Shadow, is at the Courtyard Theatre, Shoreditch, 29 Nov - 4 Dec 2011.

Simon Doucet has lost the best years of his life to prison. Once an impassioned schoolboy he is now nothing more than an embittered old man. When trusted to work with the female inmates of the neighbouring prison to put on a Passion Play, he seeks more than just the dramatic, he seeks revenge. With Bishop Bilodeau attending as the guest of honour, Simon uses the play to show his old friend Bilodeau what is truly hidden under his holy facade. Rather than the celestial biblical retelling the bishop expects, the play is much closer to his own human depravity. Bilodeau can only look on in powerless horror as he witnesses the prisoners fantastically and graphically recreate his obsessive love for Simon, his jealousy of the young Count Vallier, and the fateful events of the summer of 1912.

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