London premiere of Chancers - Bridewell Theatre

The Tower Theatre presents the London premiere of Chancers, by Robert Massey, directed by Lynn Facey, at the Bridewell Theatre, near Fleet Street in the city of London, from 15 to 19 December 2015.

The production is described as a "fast and furious black comedy which shows us there is more than one way to win the lottery".

Synopsis: "Dee and Aiden Farrell are a decent couple facing tough times. Hard hit by Ireland's recession, they've had to rent their home to strangers, a rough shower from Dublin, and move their family into their almost bankrupt convenience store. On the verge of losing it all a chance of money comes their way, via an unpleasant and opportunistic neighbour. Can local battleaxe Gertie Graham save them from financial ruin? She has the ticket to a brighter future, if only they can get their hands on it.  Buoyed by their friend JP, who has struggles of his own, they’re forced to wrestle with their consciences to decide just how desperate times need to be to justify desperate measures..."

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