Lovesong of the Electric Bear at the Hope Theatre

The Hope Theatre have announced a production of Lovesong of the Electric Bear by Snoo Wilson at the Islington venue in north London from 24 February to 21 March 2015, with an official opening on 28 February 2015.

Produced by Cas Hodges for The Hope Theatre in association with DogOrange, the cast includes Ian Hallard (Alan Turing), Bryan Pilkington (Porgy), Laura Harling (Female 1), Diane Beck (Female 2), Chris Levens (Male 1), and William Hartley (Male 2).

The play explores the fascinating and ultimately tragic life of Alan Turing, the computer visionary and maths genius whose gifts made him the code-breaking hero of World War II, but whose homosexuality led him to betrayal and vilification by the very establishment who had depended on him for victory.

Told through the eyes of his childhood teddy bear Porgy, he is led by the hand through the journey of his life, from glowing academia to New York drag bars, from triumph to disgrace.

The production will be directed by Matthew Parker and feature designs by Zoe Hurwitz, lighting design by Tom Kitney, sound design by Paul Freeman and costume design by Clare Amos.

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