Macbeth by Lazarus Theatre Company at Blue Elephant

Lazarus Theatre Company presents Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, at the Blue Elephant Theatre, in Camberwell, south London, 22 Mar to 16 Apr 2011.

Directed and designed by Ricky Dukes, lighting by Heather Doole, costumes by Rebecca Mills.

Cast includes Robin Holden (Macbeth), Victoria Sye (Lady Macbeth), Elly Lowney, Douglas Rutter, Lewis Davidson, Chris Wynn, Ceridwen Smith, Anthony Harwood, Chris Casey, James Billington, Benjamin Wainwright, Chris Chambers,Alice Brown, Evan Regueira, Dotty Kultys, Claire Gaydon, Charlotte Dodds.

Macbeth, Thane of Glamis rises with a merciless and savage thirst for power, reputation and dominance. His rapid and sensational succession through the ranks - encouraged by his wife’s dominance - leads to him being crowned King and ultimately his own destruction.

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