Mandrake by Niccolo Machiavelli - Jack Studio

5 Pound 5 Theatre presents Mandrake, a comedy written almost 500 years ago by Niccolo Machiavelli, adapted by Howard Colyer, at the Jack Studio Theatre, a 50-seat fringe venue in Brockley, south London, from 28 May to 15 June 2013.

Directed by Scott Le Crass, designed by Kemey Lafond, lighting by Tom Boucher, sound by Neil McKeown.

Cast includes Jean Apps (Sostrata), Piers Hunt (Nicia), Annie Lees-Jones (Siro), John McInnes (Ligurio), Andy McLeod (Timoteo), Ruth E Mortimer (Lucrezia) and Will Parrott (Callimaco).

Callimaco wants Lucrezia: Lucrezia is married to Sir Nicia. Sir Nicia wants children. Ligurio wants to please both Callimaco and Sir Nicia. But what happiness can Lucrezia find? And Siro, the unpaid servant, how can he turn things to his advantage?

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