Marching Song by John Whiting at Bridewell Theatre

The Tower Theatre Company presents Marching Song, by John Whiting, directed by Penny Tuerk, at the Bridewell Theatre, a 134-seater fringe venue in the City of London, from 9 to 13 December 2014.

Synopsis: "The play is set in an unnamed European capital seven years after a bruising defeat in war and deals with life in the wake of armed conflict with all its social upheaval and personal stress. Before the conflict Catherine and Rupert were the city's golden couple. But Rupert was an army commander and he has been imprisoned since the armistice. Catherine has waited, in an emotional vacuum; in the mansion she built to celebrate their love. Now the occupying power has withdrawn, opening the way for a fresh start, but the ghosts of the past demand retribution."

Writer John Whiting won the Festival of Britain play competition in 1951 and Marching Song appeared two years later. He died young, at the age of 46, in 1963.

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