Marlow by D Edward Lillie at Hot Tap in New Cross 28 Oct

Broken Biscuit Theatre on behalf of Griffins Edge Productions presents Marlowe, by D Edward Lillie, at the Hot Tap Theatre, a fringe venue in New Cross, south London, from 28 Oct to 13 Nov 2010.

Directed by Marysia Kay, cast includes David Swain (Christopher Marlowe), Matt Mowat, Andrew Welsh, Freddie Hogan, Sean Connell, Rosey Tyler, Eugenia Low, Yusuf Bhaimia.

Based on the last few days of Christopher Marlowe. The year is 1593 and in plague ridden London playwright Christopher Marlowe is entangled in a web of intrigue that reaches all the way to the Queen herself. In a London pub in the company of fellow writers William Shakespeare and Thomas Watson he will face his final days in a London filled with of deception, religion, politics, violence and stale beer.

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