Mary Rose with Harrry Potter's Jessie Cave - Riverside

Mary Rose a ghost story by J M Barrie, at the Riverside Studios 3, in Hammersmith, west London, from 28 Mar to 28 Apr 2012.

Starring Jessie Cave , who is best known as as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter movies. The cast also includes Joanna Watt, Charlie Kerson, Nicholas Hoad, Phil Bishop, Alec Gray, Sally Preston, Philippa George, Ariel Harrison, Maya Thomas.

It is directed by Matthew Parker and features original music composed by Maria Haik Escudero.

It designed by Cherry Truluck, lighting by Gary Bowman, costumes by Penelope Watson, sound by Mike Thacker and Andy Graham, and is produced by Midnight (12am) in association with Darbourne Luff and DogOrange.

A supernatural story of love, lost innocence and the parallel world where our departed ones are still present, just beyond reach. In a Sussex manor house a ghost keeps watch, yearning for the return of her beloved boy. In the whispering waters surrounding the Hebrides, spirits keep vigil over a mysterious island.

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