"Money To Burn" a new musical comedy thriller at The Venue from 29 Sep 03

"Money To Burn" a new musical comedy thriller at The Venue from 29 Sep 03

A new musical comedy thriller Money To Burn, by Daniel Abineri, will open at The Venue, in Leicester Square on 9 Oct 03, following previews from 29 Sep 03, and booking to 17 Jan 04.

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The show is directed by Daniel Abineri, designed by David Shields, lighting by Nick Richings and choreography by Michele Thorne. It is produced by Daniel Abineri, Siobhan Houlihan, Paul Savident & Parry .

Lord Oliver Justin (OJ to his friends) is an aristocrat, Old Etonian, playboy, gambler, seducer and all round bounder... and, he's down on his luck. He's lost a fortune on the roulette tables and his businesses are going bankrupt due to his massive debts. And now his incredibly wealthy wife, Tiggy, has had enough and refused to give him another penny. What's a good, or even a bad man to do! There is only one way out... he must enlist some help... and his wife... must die! SLEAZE, LIES, KINKY SEX & MURDER!! Part thriller, part farce, part satire, and featuring a twist in the final moments. The twelve original songs are in a jazz pop style.

(The Venue in Leicester Square was a small dance venue formerly called Notre Dame Hall, which was converted into a 350 seater theatre for the run of Boy George's Taboo in 2002)

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