Moon River by Seiriol Davies at Pleasance Theatre

Tender Trap presents Moon River, a verbatim inspired play written by Seiriol Davies, at the Pleasance Stagespace, a fringe venue in north London, from 22 May to 2 June 2012.

Directed by Caroline Horton, cast includes Julia Voce (Gladys), Lizzie Wort (Esther), Dan Copeland (Frank) , Bryan Hands (Ron) , Carola Stewart (Ingrid), Apple Brook (Mary).

This black comedy tells the story of 87-year old Glad as she struggles to make a home in the alien surroundings of the Silver Street Centre, a care home for the elderly in leafy Chingford. How can she fight for territory from the insufferable day visitor Home Service Sandy? How can she find her feet when the ground keeps collapsing beneath her? What is she doing here anyway? She's clearly the only sane one.

The play was grown from a core of verbatim text gathered from the elders of Hackney, Brent and Chingford, and was developed at the Soho Theatre with assistance from the Trafalgar Studios and workshopped by accomplished devisers including Victoria Gould, Natalie Casey and Eve Leigh .

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