Mother Of Him by Evan Placey at Courtyard 2 June

Mother of Him, by Evan Placey, at the Courtyard Theatre (Main House), in Islington, north London, from 2 June to 4 July 2010.

Directed by Guy Retallack, cast includes Madeleine Potter (Brenda), Tom Golding (Matthew), Dale Rapley, Will Byrne, Gideo Leibowitz, Chris Gilling, Jennifer Thompson.

It's a snowy December morning like any other in Toronto, Canada, as Brenda Kapowitz sends her 8 year-old son Jason off to school, while her teenage son Matthew remains asleep upstairs. Soon she'll begin lighting candles for the 8 nights of Hanukkah. You'd think Brenda was like any other mother. But in 8 days Matthew will be sentenced for three terrible crimes. In 5 days the judge will decide whether to accept or reject Brenda's application that her son be sentenced as a child. And today Brenda's face is splashed across the cover of every newspaper. As the press are camped outside, Matthew is under house arrest, and it's the laws that form inside the house that matter most. Boys can become men. And a mother can at once become victim and monster. She could be any mother. But she's not. She's his.

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