Mrs Klein by Nicholas Wright at Theatro Technis Theatre

Tower Theatre presents Mrs Klein, by Nicholas Wright, directed by Jonathan Lermit, at the Theatro Technis, a fringe venue near Camden, north London, 22 to 26 Jan 2013.

Tells of a 'brilliant and unorthodox' woman whose single mindedness left no room for sentiment towards those closest to her. It is London in 1934. Mrs Klein has lost her son, apparently in a tragic walking accident. Her daughter, Melitta, has another interpretation of the event. What is the truth, and what is the continuation by other means of a bitter personal and professional rivalry? What follows is an intense mother-daughter conflict in which past and present failings are extensively aired and analysed. In the midst of this Melitta's friend, Paula, an enigmatic German refugee, is perhaps not as guileless as she appears.

"The Tower Theatre Company, founded in 1932 celebrated its 80th anniversary last year and has always aimed to provide high quality, broadly based, affordable drama and enable people of all ages and backgrounds to experience every aspect of live theatre. It currently has more than 700 members and friends and presents up to 18 productions a year, often at the Bridewell Theatre in the City of London as well as in other venues around North and East London."

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