Mrs Lowry and Son by M. Hesford - Trafalgar Studios

Mrs Lowry and Son by Martyn Hesford, at the Trafalgar Studios 2 theatre, from 30 Oct to 23 Nov 2013.

Directed by Abbey Wright , cast includes June Watson, Michael Begley.

It is designed by Richard Kent, lighting by David Plater, produced by tackroom Theatre and Moya Productions .

A play in which the mother-son relationship is laid bare and the tiny inklings of Laurie’s future success are continually dashed by his mother’s furious rejection of his work. It is 1934 and L.S. Lowry is a 47-year-old rent collector living at home with his elderly mother, who has taken to her bed for the last 10 years demanding food, gossip and complete devotion. It is only at night while his mother sleeps that he can go to the attic and paint. Mrs Lowry ridicules her son’s paintings, believing them to revel in the vulgarity of Pendlebury.

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