Murder, Marple and Me by P. Meeks - Ambassadors

Gilded Balloon Productions presents Murder, Marple And Me, by Philip Meeks, which explores the relationship between Margaret Rutherford and Agatha Christies, for 4 performances only (Tues & Weds) at the Ambassadors Theatre, 11,12, 18, 19 June 2013.

Directed by Stella Duffy, designed by Cherry Truluck, lighting by Martin McLaughlin, sound by Martyn Duffy.

Actress Janet Prince brings to life three women - Margaret Rutherford, Agatha Christie and The Spinster - in a physical, vocal and 'emotional' performance.

Before Miss Marple, Margaret Rutherford was well known and much loved as a comic actress. She was an unlikely choice for the role that she reluctantly took on, the character that has made her eternally and internationally famous. Legendary mystery author Agatha Christie never wanted the Miss Marple novels taken to the screen at all, and was disappointed when Margaret Rutherford was given the job. But what tragic scandal was revealed that led them to put aside their mutual distaste and develop a touching friendship? "The intriguing and sometimes salacious world of the British film industry in the 1960s is the setting for a remarkable dramatic story about two of the nation¹s most influential women in the arts at that time."

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