Muswell Hill by Torben Betts at White Bear Theatre

TwoSheds Theatre presents Torben Betts' dark comedy drama Muswell Hill, directed by Roger Mortimer-Smith, at the White Bear Theatre, in Kennington, south-east London, with previews beginning on 12 Aug 2014, an opening night on 14 Aug and a limited run through to 31 Aug 2014.

The cast of Muswell Hill includes Annabel Bates, Jack Johns, Fiona Rodrigo, Alastair Natkiel, Nicole Abraham and Gregory Cox.

Synopsis: 'January 2010 - an earthquake in Haiti leaves a hundred thousand people dead and almost two million homeless. Meanwhile in a leafy north London suburb, six individuals sit down to avocado and prawns - 'so reassuringly 1970s' - followed by a monkfish stew. They admire their host's beautifully appointed kitchen, fret about their 'ambitious' mortgages, make holiday plans, compare mobile phone tariffs, connect with Facebook friends, and worry that they might after all just be ordinary - will history remember any of them, and if so, what for? A social event in which much is said but little communicated rapidly disintegrates as the wine flows and some hard truths are told. Muswell Hill is a blackly funny, touching and ultimately devastating play, exploring the disintegration of a relationship in a world in which the fragile veneer of comfort and contentment conceals realities too uncomfortable to face.'

Muswell Hill also features scenic design by Nancy Surman.

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