National Theatre adds 3 new shows to its season to Nov

The National Theatre has announced three new productions and platforms in its season to November 2012

Public booking opens 22 June 2012.

New show in The Olivier Theatre...

Damned By Despair
by Tirso de Molina, in a new version by Frank McGuinness, opens 10 Oct 2012, following previews from 2 Oct 2012, booking to 7 Nov 2012. Directed by Bijan Sheibani, designed by Giles Cadle, lighting by Jon Clark, sound by Dan Jones, costumes by Moritz Junge. Cast includes Sebastian Armesto (Paulo), Bertie Carvel (Enrico), Rory Keenan, Amanda Lawrence. Obsessed with his own salvation, the hermit Paulo dedicates himself to ten years of prayerful penance. When his faith wavers, the ever-watchful Devil seizes the moment to convince him that he shares the fate of one Enrico, a notorious Neapolitan gangster destined for damnation. Swearing vengeance, Paulo lashes out against God and assembles a band of rival outlaws. And yet, even as their villainous crimes escalate, the possibility of redemption hovers over the two men, perhaps within reach.


New show in The Lyttelton Theatre...

Scenes From An Execution
by Howard Barker, opens 4 Oct 2012, following previews from 27 Sep - booking to 15 Nov 2012. Directed by Tom Cairns, sound by Ben and Max Ringham. Cast includes Fiona Shaw. Commissioned to paint a vast canvas celebrating the triumphant Battle of Lepanto, the free-spirited Galactia creates instead a breathtaking scene of war-torn carnage. In her fierce determination to stay true to herself, she alienates the authorities and faces incarceration. Her younger lover Carpeta is approached to take over and seizes the assignment for himself.



New show in The Cottesloe Theatre...

This House
by James Graham, opens 25 Sep 2012, following previews from 18 Sep 2012, closing 1 Dec 2012. Directed by Jeremy Herrin, designed by Rae Smith, lighting by Paule Constable, choreography by Scott Ambler, sound by Ian Dickinson. Cast includes Phil Daniels, Philip Glenister, Julian Wadham.. 1974. The UK faces economic crisis and a hung parliament. In a culture hostile to cooperation, it’s a period when votes are won or lost by one, when there are fist fights in the bars and when sick MPs are carried through the lobby to register their vote. It’s a time when a staggering number of politicians die, and the building creaks under idiosyncrasies and arcane traditions. Set in the engine rooms of Westminster, This House strips politics down to the practical realities of those behind the scenes: the whips who roll up their sleeves and on occasion bend the rules to shepherd and coerce a diverse chorus of MPs within the Mother of all Parliaments.



Productions Extending/Closing ....
The Last of the Haussmans (Now closes 11 Oct 2012)
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time (Now closes 27 Oct 2012)
Timon of Athens (Now closes 1 Nov 2012)


New Platforms ....
Unless stated: 6pm / Length 45 mins

Roald Dahl Day with Michael Rosen
Sat 8 Sept, 10.30am (1hr), Cottesloe BS
A morning of brilliant stories about Roald Dahl, celebrating his birthday and a new book about him, Fantastic Mr Dahl, written by the former Children’s Laureate and poet Michael Rosen.

In Conversation with… Malcolm Sinclair
Tues 11 Sep, Lyttelton 3pm (1hr), £5/£4
Afternoon interviews with members of the company, talking to Al Senter about their current role and career, and answering your questions.

Nicholas Hytner on Timon of Athens
Thu 20 Sept, Olivier
The director talks about his production.

James Graham and Jeremy Herrin on This House
Mon 8 Oct, Cottesloe
The playwright and director discuss this new play with Christopher Campbell.

10 Years of Travelex Tickets
Mon 15 Oct, Olivier
The National’s Director, Nicholas Hytner, looks back on some of the highlights of a decade of Travelex Tickets; he is joined by Lloyd Dorfman, Chairman of Travelex, as well as key contributors to the seasons, including director Marianne Elliott.

In Conversation with… Una Stubbs
Mon 15 Oct, Cottesloe 3pm (1hr), £5/£4
Afternoon interviews with members of the company, talking to Al Senter about their current role and career, and answering your questions.

Dominic Sandbrook
Fri 19 Oct, Cottesloe BS
Conflicted, angry, and surprisingly colourful, Britain in the mid-1970s was a political and cultural battleground. In his book, Seasons in the Sun, Dominic Sandbrook reveals how this period, as depicted in the new play, This House, was decisive in the creation of modern Britain.

The Black Audience with Paterson Joseph
Mon 22 Oct, Cottesloe
The actor, currently on tour in Julius Caesar, leads a discussion on the black community’s responsibility to support and encourage diverse expressions of black Britain on stage and screen.

This House – Then with Shirley Williams
Tue 23 Oct, Cottesloe
Two key political figures, who were serving MPs in 1974, talk about the changes they have witnessed to the House of Commons and the structure of government since that time.

In Conversation with… Philip Glenister
Tue 23 Oct, Cottesloe 3pm (1hr), £5/£4
Afternoon interviews with members of the company, talking to Al Senter about their current role and career, and answering your questions.

This House – Now with David Lammy
Tue 30 Oct, Cottesloe
Two current MPs discuss the House of Commons in 2012, the impact it made on them when they were first elected, and how it affects their idea of government.

Tom Cairns on Scenes from an Execution
Mon 5 Nov, Lyttelton
The director talks about his new production.

Life Saving: Josephine Hart’s Introductions to Great Poets
Wed 14 Nov, Lyttelton
Josephine Hart said that “for a girl with no sense of direction, poetry was a route map through life.” As the book of her illuminating introductions to the great poets is published posthumously, actors read her selection of American and British verse.

In Conversation with… Fiona Shaw
Wed 14 Nov, Lyttelton 3pm (1hr), £5/£4
Afternoon interviews with members of the company, talking to Al Senter about their current role and career, and answering your questions.

Edna O’Brien
Tue 20 Nov, Cottesloe BS
In Country Girl, the author reflects with great honesty on a literary life of high drama and contemplation, which began in 1960 after the publication of her controversial first novel, The Country Girls.

Richard Bean and Timothy Sheader on The Count of Monte Cristo
Wed 5 Dec, Olivier
The playwright and director discuss their new version of the Alexandre Dumas adventure.

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