National Theatre New Season April - Oct 2014

The National Theatre has announced its schedule to October 2014, plus its Christmas production. However performances in the Lyttelton from 8 July to 5 Sep are still to be announced.

Public Booking opens on 17 April 2014 for Medea, The James Plays, Ballyturk, Treasure Island, The Animals and Children Who Took to the Street, and extensions to King Lear, Small Family Business and The Silver Tassie.


by Euripides, new version by Ben Power, opens 21 July 2014, following previews from 14 July - closing 4 Sep 2014. Directed by Carrie Cracknell, cast includes Helen McCrory (Medea), Michaela Coel, Danny Sapani, Cath Whitefield. Medea is a wife and a mother. For the sake of her husband, Jason, she has left her home and borne two sons in exile. But when he abandons his family for a new life, Medea faces banishment and separation from her children. Cornered, she begs for one day’s grace. It’s time enough. She exacts an appalling revenge and destroys everything she holds dear.

THE JAMES PLAYS are a trio of new history plays by Rona Munro bringing to life three generations of Stewart Kings who ruled Scotland in the tumultuous fifteenth century. Each play stands alone as a unique vision of a country tussling with its past and future, opens in repertoire 25 Sep 2014, following previews from 10 Sep - closing 28 Oct 2014. Co produced with the National Theatre of Scotland and the Edinburgh International Festival. Directed by Laurie Sansom the ensemble cast include Sofie Grabol (as the Danish-born Queen Margaret), James McArdle (James I), Andrew Rothney (James II), Jamie Sives (James III) , Cameron Barnes, Daniel Cahill, Ali Craig, Blythe Duff, Peter Forbes, Sarah Higgins, Stephanie Hyam, Gordon Kennedy, David Mara, Beth Marshall, Rona Morison, Mark Rowley, Fiona Wood. James I: The Key Will Keep The Lock James I explores the complex character of the colourful Stewart king – poet, lover and law-maker; James II: Day of the Innocents A violent royal playground is depicted in James II: a terrifying arena of sharp teeth and long knives; James III: The True Mirror Charismatic, cultured and obsessed with grandiose schemes that his nation can ill afford, James III is by turns loved and loathed.

TREASURE ISLAND by Robert Louis Stevenson, adaptation by Bryony Lavery, from 22 Dec 2014, booking 21 Jan 2015. Follows Young Jim Hawkins and his motley crew across the ocean in their search for hidden pirate spoils. (suitable for those aged 10 and over).



by Suzanne Andrade from 23 to 26 May 2014. Presented by 1927 Theatre company. Seamlessly synchronizing live music, performance and storytelling with film and animation - a theatrical journey of startling originality, like a giant graphic novel burst into life. Welcome to the Bayou, a part of the city feared and loathed, wherein lies the infamous Bayou Mansions: a stinking sprawling tenement block, where curtain-twitchers and peeping-toms live side by side, and the wolf... is always at the door. When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive late one night, does it signal hope in this hopeless place, or has the real horror only just begun?


By Enda Walsh, opens 16 Sep 2014, following previews from 11 Sep - closing 11 Oct 2014. Produced by Landmark Productions and Galway Arts Festival. Directed by Enda Walsh, cast includes Cillian Murphy, Mikel Murfi, Stephen Rea. The lives of two men unravel quickly over the course of 90 minutes. Where are they? Who are they? What is this room, and what might be beyond the walls?



Productions Extending ....
King Lear extends and closes 2 July 2014
The Silver Tassie extends and closes 3 July 2014
A Small Family Business extends and closes 27 Aug 2014

New Platforms
Unless stated: 6pm / Length 45 mins/ £4

Alan Bennett
Wed 7 May, 7pm (1hr), Olivier
The playwright discusses his work with Nicholas Hytner.

Family Values: A Taste of Honey: Helen and Jo
Fri 9 May, Lyttelton 3pm, 1hr, £5
A series of interviews with members of the acting company, discussing the plays and what they’ve discovered about the relationships at the heart of them. With Lesley Sharp and Kate O’Flynn.

Sam Mendes on King Lear
Mon 19 May, 5.30pm, Olivier
The film and stage director talks about his acclaimed production.

Michael Palin
Mon 2 June, Olivier
Michael Palin tells the story of how the famous shows and films were conceived, argued about, and brought to hilarious life in his new book, Monty Python at Work.

Rebecca Front and Michael Simkins
Fri 13 June
Two actors share their comedy experiences in their new books, Curious and The Rules of Acting.

In Context: King Lear
Fri 20 June 2014
2 – 5pm, John Lyon Education Studio, £20
An in-depth introduction to King Lear led by Dr Abigail Rokison (University of Birmingham).

Family Values: A Small Family Business: Jack and Poppy
Thu 26 June, Olivier 3pm, 1hr, £5
A series of interviews with members of the acting company, discussing the plays and what they’ve discovered about the relationships at the heart of them. With Nigel Lindsay and Debra Gillett.

Family Values: The Silver Tassie: Sylvester and Harry
Thu 3 July, Lyttelton 3pm, 1hr, £5
A series of interviews with members of the acting company, discussing the plays and what they’ve discovered about the relationships at the heart of them. With Aidan McArdle and Ronan Raftery.

Connections Writers
Mon 7 July, Lyttelton
The writers of this year’s Connections plays discuss their experience of the festival.

In Context: Medea
Tues 22 July 2014
2 – 5pm, John Lyon Education Studio, £20
An introduction to the history of theatre and performance in Ancient Greece. Led by Dr Lucy Jackson (University of Oxford) and Dr Rosie Wyles (KCL).

Kate Adie
Thu 31 July, Lyttelton
In Fighting on the Home Front, the distinguished journalist explores the momentous legacy of women in WWI.

Neil Bartlett
Fri 1 Aug
The director and writer talks about his novel, The Disappearance Boy, set in the tarnished world of 1950s variety theatres.

Medea: Ancient and Modern: Carrie Cracknell and Ben Power
Tue 12 Aug, Olivier The director and playwright talk about their new version of Euripides’ tragedy.

Medea: Ancient and Modern: Acts of Madness
Tue 19 Aug, Olivier Classicist Edith Hall and psychiatrist Femi Oyebode take a contemporary view of whether Medea’s behaviour is determined by ‘madness’.

Medea: Ancient and Modern: Motives and Murder
Thu 21 Aug, Olivier Forensic psychiatrist Christopher Cordess and academic Julia Stroud look at the result of social environments on revenge killings and their psychological impact.

Medea: Ancient and Modern: Women in Ancient Greece
Mon 1 Sep, Olivier Historian Bettany Hughes and theatre scholar Oliver Taplin discuss the place of women in religion and their depiction as dangerous and tragic figures.

Enda Walsh on Ballyturk
Fri 19 Sep, Lyttelton
The writer and director discusses his new play.

John Lahr
Mon 22 Sep, Lyttelton
As his definitive biography of Tennessee Williams is published, John Lahr talks to Nicholas Hytner.

Rona Munro and Laurie Sansom on The James Plays
Fri 26 Sep, Olivier
The playwright and director discuss this trilogy of plays about the kings of Scotland.

In Context: Ballyturk
Mon 29 Sep 2014
2 – 4.30pm, John Lyon Education Studio, £20
Enda Walsh on Irish playwriting – working with and against the great tradition

In Context: The James Plays - Medieval Castle Life
Thu 2 Oct 2014
2 – 5pm, John Lyon Education Studio, £20
With Craig Fletcher (Historic Scotland).

In Context: Writing History Plays
Thu 23 Oct 2014
2 – 4.30pm, John Lyon Education Studio, £20
With Moira Buffini, James Graham and Rona Munro

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