National Theatre New Season to August 2013

The National Theatre has announced its schedule to August 2013, plus a Christmas show.

Public Booking opens 19 April 2013 for new productions in Olivier & Lyttelton, and 17 May 2013 for new productions in The Shed.


by James Baldwin, opens 11 June 2013, following previews from 4 June, closes 14 Aug 2013. Directed by Rufus Norris , starring Eric Kofi Abrefa, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Sharon D Clarke, Lucian Msamati. As the gospel singing soars, Sister Margaret, uncompromising pastor of her Harlem church, has a congregation already in revolt against her hardline leadership. Their resentment escalates with the return of her absentee husband, a trombone-playing sinner, and the wayward conduct of her formerly paragon, musical son. Charges of hypocrisy hang in the air and Margaret’s devout world looks perilously close to falling apart.

by Erich Kastner, adapted by Carl Miller, from 25 Nov 2013, booking to 19 Dec 2013. Directed by Bijan Sheibani. 1920s Berlin. Join young Emil as he says goodbye to his mother, leaves his small town and sets off on a journey that will change his life. When his money is stolen on the train by a mysterious stranger, Emil thinks he’s lost everything. But as he starts tracking down the thief, he soon discovers that he’s not alone in the big city after all. (Suitable for everyone aged 7 and over.)



by Eugene O’Neill, opens 4 June 2013, following previews from 28 May, booking to 12 Aug 2013 . Directed by Simon Godwin, starring Anne-Marie Duff , Charles Edwards, Geraldine Alexander, Patrick Drury, Darren Pettie, Wilf Scolding, Jason Watkins. Following a family from the aftermath of World War One until the late 1940s. Shattered when the love of her life is killed in the war and haunted by their unconsummated passion, Nina escapes her jealous Ivy League father and embarks on a series of tawdry sexual escapades until, cajoled by her appalled, long-suffering suitor Charles, she marries the amiable young Sam. But while pregnant, Nina learns a horrifying secret that precipitates a desperate, life-changing decision and propels her fatally into the arms of another.

by Luigi Pirandello, in a new version by Tanya Ronder, opens 7 Aug 2013, following previews from 31 July, booking to 18 Aug 2013. Directed by Richard Eyre , starring Rory Keenan (Liola), Lisa Dwyer Hogg, James Hayes,, Carla Langley, Niamh McGowan, Roxanna Nic Liam, Jessica Regan. Takes us to the heart of a rural community where property and kinship provoke fierce passions. Liola, a young man untroubled by tradition, takes the part of nature all the way.(Music by Orlando Gough. Performed by an Irish cast and gypsy musicians)



by Rory Mullarkey, produced by Bristol Old Vic Young Companyfrom 9 to 13 July 2013. Fifty years ago, National Service ended in the UK, but elsewhere in the world teenagers are still regularly conscripted into the armed forces. The Grandfathers follows eight boys from training camp to the battlefields of an unknown war.

Created by Matthew Herbert and Ben Power, with original music and sound scores by Matthew Herbert. Opens 22 July 2013, following previews from 17 July - running to 3 Aug 2013.A creak, a shuffle, a footstep. A whisper, a breath, a memory. Investigating the emotions and politics of sound with wit and theatrical imagination, The Hush promises that the truth is out there, if only we listen hard enough…

Created by Nadia Fall, with a team of musicians and actors including Michaela Coel, Kadiff Kirwan, Grace Savage, Shakka and Toby Wharton. Opens 9 Aug 2013, following previews from 7 Aug running to 7 Sep 2013. Documentary theatre meets beatboxing, R&B and choreography to tell the stories of the Londoners who don’t get heard. Verbatim material gathered through interviews combines with original and existing music to give voice to the dispossessed: all coming from a different place, all sharing a need for HOME.

ROMEO AND JULIET a version for young audiences
by Ben Power, from 24 July to 2 Aug 2013. Directed by Bijan Sheibani, starring Esh Alladi, Ashley Chin, Natalie Dew, Tendayi Jembere, Bunmi Mojekwu, Archana Ramaswamy. A modern city. A deadly feud. And a pair of star-crossed lovers. Set against a vibrant urban backdrop, bursting full of excitement, colour, dancing and live song, a company of eight recreate the most famous love story of all time.



Productions Extending/Closing ....
Othello extends to 18 Aug 2013
Children of the Sun extends, now closes 14 July 2013


New Platforms
Unless stated: 6pm / Length 45 mins/ £4

Gorky: Social Realist
Mon 10 June, Lyttelton,
Orlando Figes looks at Gorky’s political life and his relationship with Lenin and Stalin.

Rufus Norris on The Amen Corner
Thu 13 June, Olivier
The director talks about his production of Baldwin’s play.

Re: Baldwin
Tue 18 June, Olivier
Bonnie Greer and Daniel Matlin discuss the work of the novelist, essayist, playwright and poet James Baldwin, his involvement in the Civil Rights movement, and his role in African-American culture and identity.

Simon Godwin on Strange Interlude
Mon 24 June, 5.30pm, Lyttelton
The director talks about his production of O’Neill’s play.

In Conversation with...Adrian Lester
Mon 24 June, Olivier, 3pm (1hr) £5
The regular series of interviews with members of the NT company, chaired by Al Senter.

Suffragettes on Stage
Tue 25 June, 2.30pm (90mins) Lyttelton, £6
The Actresses’ Franchise League was founded in 1908 as ‘a bond of union between all women in the Theatrical profession who are in sympathy with the Woman’s Franchise Movement’. With discussion, and extracts from Edwardian Suffrage plays, this is a chance to learn about the role of theatre in the fight for Votes for Women. Guests include Samantha Bond, Janie Dee, Maggie Gale and Naomi Paxton.

Re: O’Neill
Thu 4 July, 5.30pm, Lyttelton
Christopher Bigsby looks at Eugene O’Neill’s influences and his legacy, and how his play, Strange Interlude, fits in to the canon of 20th-century American drama.

In Conversation with...Anne-Marie Duff
Thu 4 July, Lyttelton, 3pm (1hr) £5
The regular series of interviews with members of the NT company, chaired by Al Senter.

Connections Writers’ Forum
Mon 8 July, Lyttelton
Acclaimed playwrights Howard Brenton, Jim Cartwright, Lucinda Coxon, Ryan Craig, Stacey Gregg, Jonathan Harvey, Lenny Henry, Jemma Kennedy, Morna Pearson and Anya Reiss discuss their new plays for young actors.

Re: Othello
Tue 23 July, 5.45pm, Olivier
Laurie Maguire examines the textual history of the play, its women’s roles, and how critics and directors have responded to its explorations of racial prejudice and sexual jealousy.

In Conversation with...Sharon D Clarke and Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Fri 26 July, Olivier, 3pm (1hr) £5
The regular series of interviews with members of the NT company, chaired by Al Senter.

In Conversation with...Rory Kinnear and Lyndsey Marshal
Thu 1 Aug, Olivier, 3pm (1hr) £5
The regular series of interviews with members of the NT company, chaired by Al Senter.

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