New Scottish Referendum Season at Finborough Theatre

The Finborough Theatre, a 50 seat venue near Earl's Court in south-west London, presents its upcoming 'Scotland Decides/Tha Alba a'taghadh 2014' season from 02 Sep to 27 Sep 2014, to coincide with the Scottish Independence Referendum on Thu 18 Sep 2014.

The Scottish season will include the following productions:

From 02 Sep to 27 Sep 2014

The English premiere of The Flouers o'Edinburgh
Written by Robert McLellan and directed by Jennifer Bakst.
Synopsis: 'A period satire on the aftermath of the 1707 Acts of Union, the Scottish Enlightenment and the battle between the Scots and English tongues. Edinburgh in the mid 18th century. The eccentric Girzie Carmichael is consigned to an Edinburgh tenement after her country estate has been confiscated for the family's support of Bonnie Prince Charlie. As she fights to stop her estate being sold to a Londoner, she attempts to matchmake her feisty young niece, Kate, with humourless prig Charles Gilchrist whose English education has left him with a hilariously warped accent. Only one thing stands in the way of their union – Charles makes it a condition of their marriage that Kate agrees to learn 'proper English', but Kate flatly refuses to turn her back on her native Scots. As poets, politicians and soldiers alike attend elocution classes to learn English, the lovers’ dispute soon leads to utter chaos...'

From 07 Sep to 23 Sep 2014 (Updated 22 Aug 2014 - EVENT CANCELLED

The English premiere of The Wallace EVENT CANCELLED
Written by Sydney Goodsir Smith and directed by Jamie Jackson.
Synopsis: 'At 27, William Wallace is a little known outlaw. Within a year, having defeated an English army at the battle of Falkirk, he is appointed guardian of Scotland. Barely five years later, he is captured by the English army and put on trial in London as the most wanted man in the British Isles. The Wallace tells the story of William Wallace’s radicalisation as an ordinary man is transformed through the love of his country into a leader and warrior, and offers a unique interpretation of his final days – culminating in an explosive and devastating confrontation with the King of England, Edward I.'

From 10 Sep to 13 Sep 2014

The English premiere of Jock: Scotland on Trial
Written/performed by Alan Bissett and directed by Cheryl Martin.
Synopsis: 'Alan Bissett premieres a new work, posing the question: is Scotland the colonised or the coloniser? A police interview room. Jock has been hauled in for a crime he says he didn't commit: theft from other countries. He has been spotted at the scene but was he manipulated by his bosses? Was he there out of need? Or is Jock, as he claims, the victim of imperialism himself?'

There will also be a one-night only staged reading on the evening of the Scottish Referendum, Thu 18 Sep 2014, of Little Red Hen, written by John McGrath and directed by Jennifer Bakst.
Synopsis: A sweeping history of 'Red Clydeside' that asks whether political self-determination is ever achievable without economic independence.

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