New Season announced at the Union Theatre

The Union Theatre, a 40 seat venue in Southwark, south-east London, has now announced its upcoming productions up until 22 Nov 2014, including the Off-Broadway musical See Rock City and Other Destinations
and three pieces of work by composer Howard Goodall. All productions are produced by Aria Entertainment in association with the Union Theatre.

The new season will include the following productions:

From 15 Aug to 30 Aug 2014

See Rock City and Other Destinations
A co-production with Szpiezak Productions
Music by Brad Alexander and Lyrics & Book by Adam Mathias
Director: Graham Hubbard
Musical Director: Matt Ramplin
Cast: Richard Dawes, Laurel Dougall, Barney Glover, Ricky Johnston, Kris Marc-Joseph, Kathleen Larken, Joshua LeClair, Alex Lodge, Georgia Permutt, Neil Stewart, Nancy Sullivan, Sinead Wall, and Rebecca Withers.
Lighting Design: Tom Boucher
Synopsis: 'See Rock City and Other Destinations is a contemporary musical about connections missed and made at tourist destinations across America: A wanderer believes his destiny is written on rooftops along the North Carolina Interstate, a young man yearns to connect with intelligent life in Roswell, New Mexico, a woman at The Alamo steps out of the shadow of her grandparents' idealized romance to take a chance on love, three estranged sisters cruise to Glacier Bay to scatter their father's ashes, two high school boys face unexpected fears in the Coney Island Spook House and terrified bride-to-be ponders taking the leap... over Niagara Falls. With a score that incorporates pop, rock, folk and more, each story builds on the last to create a vivid travelogue of Americans learning to overcome their fears and expectations in order to connect and reach their dreams.'

From 03 Sep to 27 Sep 2014

The Dreaming
by Howard Goodall with Words & Lyrics by Charles Hart, based on A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
Director: Paul Clarkson
Musical Director: David Griffiths
Cast: Alastair Hill (Alexander), Joshua Tonks (David), Richard Brindley (Julian), Daisy Tonge (Sylvia), Chris Hancock (Angel), Kayleigh McKnight (Henrietta), Michael Burgen (Cheek), Rachel Flynn (Jennifer), Holly Julier (Charlotte), Simone Murphy (Jack), Matthew Jay (Ryan Jess), David Breeds (Walter Grubb), Alex Green (Bob Fry), Jordan Ginger (Seth / Mathews), Joel Burman (Woodlander), Faye Charlotte Ainley (Woodlander), Rosie O'Hare (Woodlander), Hannah Jay Allan (Woodlander), Christina Harris (Woodlander), and Hollie Evans (Woodlander).
Scenic Design: Kingsley Hall
Choreography: Helen Rymer

From 01 Oct to 25 Oct 2014

Love Story
by Stephen Clark, Music by Howard Goodall
Director: Sasha Regan
Musical Director: Inga Davis-Rutter

From 29 Oct to 22 Nov 2014

by Howard Goodall, based on a book written by Howard Goodall, Richard Curtis & John Retallack

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