New Zawe Ashton play to premiere in Hackney in October

A new play by actor Zawe Ashton is set to premiere in Hackney at Stoke Newington Town Hall later this year.

Titled for all the women who thought they were   Mad, Ashton says the play is ‘an investigation into the fallout of colonialism and it’s resounding impact on the women of the African diaspora, specifically women living in the United Kingdom’.

She said: “It looks at how these women are constantly maltreated and marginalised by the institutions in which they operate or ask for professional help. Their workplaces, their hospitals or GP’s office - and so on. It’s a play about cultural bias and systemic oppression.

“Black women are the empathetic centre of the piece, their emotions are our emotions. Their struggle is our struggle as an audience.”

Ashton is best-known for her acting credits, which include Betrayal and The Maids on stage - the former is about the transfer to Broadway - and TV appearances in Fresh Meat and Wanderlust. 

The piece will be directed by Jo McInnes (I Can Hear You, This is Not an Exit, RSC/Royal Court),  with designs by Natalie Pryce and ULTZ, and lighting by Lee Curran.

for all the women who thought they were   Mad will run at Hackney Showroom at Stoke Newington Town Hall from 14th October to 9th November, with an official opening on 17th October.

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