Nimby by Lola Stephenson at Old Red Lion Theatre 8 June

Gravel Theatre and Make & Bake productions present Nimby, by Lola Stephenson, at the Old Red Lion, a fringe venue in Angel, north London, from 8 to 25 June 2011, directed by Elly Hopkins.

Explores what happens when people are forced to choose between their morals and their own quality of life.

James and Bea live in ethically-responsible harmony in their beautiful, self-built family home. With their forest-friendly pinewood floors and their commitment to airmile-free avocados, they have an admirably balanced setup. But unbeknownst to them the balance is about to tip.... The deeds to their back garden belong to George George, an enigmatic man who was once prolifically fertile, but more recently, is dead. When his estranged, and in some cases just strange, children come knocking with their own plans for the land, their idyllic home soon becomes a playground for society’s undesirables.For James and Bea it’s all fine in principle but: Not In My Back Yard.

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