No Milk For The Foxes at the Camden People's Theatre

Beats&Elements and Camden People’s Theatre present No Milk For The Foxes, a new play that explores Cameron's England from the perspective of the working class using spoken word, humour, live looping and beatbox at the Camden People's Theatre in north London from 22 April to 9 May 2015.

Created and performed by Beats&Elements, which is made up of spoken word artist/musician Paul Cree and theatre-maker/musician Conrad Murray who have come together to create hip-hop inspired theatre. Produced by Lara Taylor, it will include designs by Rosalind Russell.

"Is it important to aspire to a higher station or better just to accept your lot? As the television monitors buzz in front of them, two friends pass the night shift debating status, class and milk. Mark is keeping his head down, working hard and praying his contract will be extended. He's saving up to take his girlfriend Gemma on her dream holiday to Tenerife. Sparx just can't wait to clock off and roll a spliff. Minimum wage with no pension? He's had enough. Today he is leaving. Quitting. Definitely. Although, he said that yesterday..."

No Milk For The Foxes, is part of three weeks of political work at Camden People's Theatre leading up to the General Election.

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