Noel and Gertie from 27 Sep 2011 at Cockpit

Noel and Gertie, written by Sheridan Morley, plays at The Cockpit Theatre from 27 Sep - 22 Oct 2011.

Directed by Thom Southerland, produced by Danielle Tarento.

Cast includes Helena Blackman Gertie, Ben Stock Noël

This show, crafted from diaries and letters between Coward and his stage partner, Gertrude Lawrence, tells the story of the professional and personal relationship between two of this century's greatest stage personalities.
Although they only appeared in two productions together, Private Lives and Tonight at 8.30, Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence epitomised an era of high style and elegance. The songs, sketches and snippets of scenes pieced together in Noël & Gertie have the entrancing effect of accurately portraying this remarkable duo and the era they helped to define.

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