NT announces productions to Jan 2007

NT announces productions to Jan 2007

The National Theatre has announced productions to Jan 2007

Public booking opens 7 Sep 2006 for new productions

Repertoire dates can be found at: HERE

New productions...

Therese Raquin
by Emile Zola, adapted by Nicholas Wright
Opens at the Lyttelton, 13 Nov 2006, following previews from 4 Nov 2006 - running to 11 Jan 2007)
Starring: Ben Daniels(as Laurent), Mark Hadfield, Emma Lowndes, Judy Parfitt.
Stifled by an oppressive mother-in-law and a sickly husband, Thérèse Raquin falls passionately for another man. Their feverish affair drives the lovers to an act of terrible desperation, which catapults them headlong into a world more claustrophobic than the one they sought to destroy.

suggested by Virginia Woolf’s novel, The Waves, devised by Katie Mitchell and the Company
Open at the Cottesloe Theatre 16 Nov 2006, following previews from 8 Nov - running to 13 Jan 2007)
Starring Anastasia Hill, Kate Duchêne, Liz Kettle.
A multi-media production. A fragmented and dreamlike tale of friendship, loss, identity and love


Shows Extended...

The Alchemist
(Closes 21 Nov 2006)
Caroline, or Change
(Closes 4 Jan 2007)
The Seafarer
(Booking to 11 Jan 2007)
Coram Boy
(Closes 20 Feb 2007)

New Platforms announced....
(6pm (45 mins) £3·50 unless stated

Alan Bennett
7 Nov 2006, Olivier

Ronnie Corbett
8 Nov 2006, Olivier
And it’s Goodnight from Him… tells the story of the very British friendship that became a great comic partnership.

Reuters – The State of the World
10 & 20 Nov 2006, Olivier
Accompanying the Reuters exhibition, a series of talks on the issues captured by Reuters’ photojournalists.

Ian Richardson
13 Nov 2006, Olivier
Talks about a distinguished and celebrated career.

Peter Sallis
14 Nov 2006, Olivier
The voice of ‘Wallace’ talks about Fading into the Limelight, which charts a long career in which he has played Clegg in the world’s longest running sitcom.

Humphrey Lyttelton
17 Nov 2006, Lyttelton
In It Just Occurred To Me… the legendary band leader, jazz trumpeter, broadcaster and humorist looks back on a rich and varied life.

National Headlines 2: Right Angles
22, 29 Nov, 7, 14 Dec 2006, Cottesloe
A second instalment of verbatim monologues with accompanying discussions on contemporary subjects, as experienced from a right-wing point of view.

Marianne Elliott on Thérèse Raquin
24 Nov 2006, Lyttelton
The director talks about her production of Zola’s passionate story.

Martin Crimp and Aleks Sierz
28 Nov 2006, Cottesloe
The Theatre of Martin Crimp is a major new account of ‘one of the most acute satirists of contemporary British society’.

Reuters – The State of the World
30 Nov 2006, Lyttelton
Accompanying the Reuters exhibition, a series of talks on the issues captured by Reuters’ photojournalists.

Victor Spinetti: Up Front…
4 Dec 2006, Lyttelton
The story of Spinetti’s life, from Welsh-Italian upbringing to Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop.

Jack Shepherd and Keith Dewhurst: Impossible Plays
6 Dec 2006, Cottesloe
Explaining the ideas behind the work of Bill Bryden’s Cottesloe company and the search for a ‘popular theatre’.

An Evening with Private Eye
8 Dec 2006, Olivier
Celebrating 20 years as editor and the 45th birthday of the satirical magazine, Ian Hislop and guests look back on the events of 2006.

Alan Plater: Doggin’Around
11 Dec 2006, Cottesloe
The memoirs of a jazz-crazed playwright are a witty and surreal celebration of a mottled career.

Jamila Gavin
12 Dec 2006, Olivier
The award-winning author talks about the stage adaptation of Coram Boy.

Murray Melvin and Kerry Michael: The Art of the Theatre Workshop
15 Dec 2006, Cottesloe
Murray Melvin, stalwart of the Theatre Workshop, talks about the company which presented Oh What A Lovely War.

Theatre Quiz
20 Dec 2006, Olivier
Another annual battle of dramatic knowledge and quick wits as two teams battle it out for theatrical supremacy.

Joy Melville: Ellen Terry
5 Jan 2007, Cottesloe
A new biography celebrating the most acclaimed, loved and highly paid actress in late 19th-century theatre.

9 Jan 2007, Olivier 7.30pm
An extended Platform tells the story of censorship in the arts, with some of the material that has, at some point, been banned.

Real Coram Children
10 Jan 2007, Olivier
Former pupils of Thomas Coram’s Foundling Hospital talk about their experiences.

Katie Mitchell on Waves
12 Jan 2007, Cottesloe
Director Katie Mitchell talks about her new production.

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