Oedipus by Lazarus Theatre at Blue Elephant Theatre

Lazarus Theatre Company presents Oedipus, after Sophocles, at the Blue Elephant Theatre, a fringe venue in Camberwell, south London, from 26 Feb to 23 March 2013.

Directed by Ricky Dukes, designed by Ricky Dukes & Max Dorey, lighting by Rachel Smith, costumes by Alice Pocock, sound by Nick Kent.

Cast includes Robin Holden, Maria Alexe, Samantha Andersen, Sarah Barker, Edward Clements, Jack Cosgrove, Eleanor Dillon-Reams, Andrew Glen, Lucy Hagan-Walker, Stuart Mortimer, Nasa Ohalet, Alec Parkinson, Martin Prest, Hanneke Talbot, Joseph Tweedale, James Unworth.

In the glory of a united kingdom, Oedipus stands firm, strong and triumphant; his army basking in victory. Threatened by a prophecy that could bring ruin to all he has built, the king turns his attention to seeking out the truth at all costs. In so doing, the ruin is all his.

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