Oh, the Humanity and Other Good Intentions - Tabard

Oh, The Humanity and Other Good Intentions will run at the Tabard Theatre in west London from 3-20 September 2014.

Written by Will Eno and directed by Paul Lichtenstern, the production is presented by End of Moving Walkway Productions. Originally written in 2007, the play offers five glances at ordinary people in situations where society demands something extraordinary.

"Eight ordinary people, being ordinary, inadequate, and totally exposed. There's a coach who has had a dismal season and an airline spokeswoman trying to say sorry. A man and woman are searching for true love, and two others wonder why the car won't start. It is about the absurdity of life, and its beauty, told through simple, real and engaging stories."

The production has been updated and set in a world of glamour and excess. It explores celebrity culture and Hollywood, yet reminds the audience that it is our inadequacy that makes us beautiful.

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