One Touch of Venus by Kurt Weill - Ye Olde Rose & Crown

Andrew Yon for All Star Productions Ltd presents One Touch of Venus, at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre, a fringe venue in Walthamstow, east London, from 5 to 23 Feb 2013.

Music by Kurt Weill, Lyrics by Ogden Nash, Book by Ogden Nash and S.J. Perelman which is based on The Tinted Venus by F. J. Anstey

Directed by Lydia Milman Schmidt, choreography by Rhiannon Faith, design by Sarah June Mills, and musical director is Aaron Clingham.

Cast includes Kendra MacMillan, David Jay Douglas, James Wolstenholme, Lauren Osborn, Samuel Clifford, Benjamin Mahns Mardy, Maggie Robson, Aled Rees, Adam Scott, Ben Sang, Chelsea Preston, Hannah Prentice, Karleigh Wright, Charlotte Debattista, Danielle Morris, Simeon John-Wake. .

Modern art collector Whitelaw Savory unearths a long-lost statue of Venus of Anatolia and is thrilled to display her in his New York museum. But when a naive young barber named Rodney unwittingly brings the statue to life, Venus fixes her affections on him and pursues him all over New York. Rodney's shrewish fianceÌe doesn't like this one bit, and Savory will do anything including framing Rodney for murder to recover his beloved statue. Rodney keeps trying to set things right, and poor Venus can't understand why he doesn't respond to her seductions. After a series of comic setups and mix ups, earthly order is restored and new love found.

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