Orange Tree Autumn Season Sep 2010 to Feb 2011

The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, south London has announced its Autumn Season Sep 2010 to Feb 2011.

Public booking opens 2 August 2010.

THE THUNDERBOLT, by Arthur Wing Pinero, 1 Sep to 2 Oct 2010. Directed by Sam Walters, starring David Antrobus, Vincent Brimble, Osmund Bullock, Stuart Fox, James Joyce, Geoff Leesley, David Whitworth, Grainne Keenan, Brenda Longman, Natalie Ogle, Janet Spencer-Turner, Julie Teal. The eldest Mortimore, a brewer, has died. His estranged siblings gather to divide the spoils. But there is no will and an illegitimate daughter. Guilt, envy and greed jostle for prominence as a large middle class family fight, with whatever weapons are at their disposal, for what they feel is their rightful and much needed inheritance.

THE COMPANY MAN, by Torben Betts, 6 Oct to 6 Nov 2010. Directed by Adam Barnard. With his love of birdwatching, cricket and carefully tended sunflowers, retired company man William ought to be able to look back on his life, his work and his family from a place of contentment. But can he? Meanwhile his wife Jane has gathered those closest to her for one particular week-end and as she travels through her past she asks: have I done the right things with my life?

HUNGRY GHOSTS, written and directed by Tim Luscombe, 10 Nov to 11 Dec 2010. We are in Shanghai for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Tyler is tense about the race, his place in the team and the condition of the track and there is the newspaper interviewer pursuing him. And then his week-end is invaded and Tyler finds that human rights and Chinese politics enter his life.

ONCE BITTEN, a farce by Alfred Hennequin & Alfred Delacour, translated and adapted by Reggie Oliver, 15 Dec to 5 Feb 2011. Directed by Sam Walters. There is a lawyer, his pretty wife, his mother in law, an impecunious uncle who falls asleep whenever he sits down, a hopeless maid, the lawyer’s lawyer friend and a disgruntled cook. And then there is suddenly his first brief – a divorce. So there is now also the woman who wants a divorce but no scandal and her husband who wants no divorce. And then there are, of course, the mistresses – and one has a dog. And all this has something to do with the Veauradieux case and missing jewellery. So now there are the police too!

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