Oscar's World by Alex Flori - Above The Stag 6 April

Oscar's World...is there any way out? by Alex Flori, at Above the Stag Theatre, a fringe venue in Victoria central London, from 6 April to 1 May 2010.

Directed by Tim McArthur, and starring Steven Serlin (Oscar), Paul Tate (Nono), Carol Robb (Rose), Teresa Jennings (Ziberline).

Trapped in their deckchairs in an ocean paradise, Oscar and his parents watch the horizon. The spirit of adventure which drove his parents across the sea has run aground. His mother, forever expanding, guzzles tinned pudding; his father puts off today what he won’t do tomorrow and Oscar dreams of another world. Is there any way out?

A story of missed opportunity, regret and ultimately the power of choice. The family sit on the beach day in day out repeating their mundane routines – imagine the Royle family in their living room glued to the TV. Glued to their deckchairs they have the power to change their lives but will they?

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