Paula's Story at the Chickenshed Theatre from 30 Apr

The Chickenshed Theatre in Southgate, north London presents Paula's Story, from 30 Apr to 17 May 2014.

Based on the true story of Paula Rees, the writer/poet in residence at The Chickenshed Theatre, the play was first performed in 1993. It has been revived to celebrate 20 years at the current venue, and 40 years since the company was first formed in a disused chicken barn.

"At birth Paula's parents were told that she would never achieve anything and it would be advisable to put her into some sort of care and concentrate on the rest of their family. They were told that Paula had such severe cerebral palsy that she wouldn't even be able to recognise her mother! Paula's parents had to battle to get anyone to recognise that she was something other than a label or statistic. They knew that she was an individual and deserved the right to be treated as such."

The play follows a magical breakthrough moment when Paula and her mother manage to find a way to communicate with each other. Their determination and willpower enabled it to happen, and both lives were instantly transformed.

The play is directed by Artistic Director of The Chickenshed, Mary Ward and stars Louise Perry, Chickenshed's Head of Performance. It features music by Jo Collins and lyrics by Paula Rees herself.

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