Payback: The Musical - Paul Rayfield - Riverside Studios

Milton Morrissey presents Payback: The Musical , a musical comedy written by Paul Rayfield, directed and developed by Simon Greiff, at the Riverside Studios 3, in Hammersmith, west London, from 12 to 30 June 2013.

Starring Matthew White (Matt Matthews), Sarah Earnshaw (Sam), Katie Bernstein (Isabel/Tracy), Adam Flynn (Joe), Howard Samuels (Billy Life), Alan Vicary (Father Colin), James Yeoburn (Guilherme).

Designed by Kate Unwin, choreography by Adam Murray, musical director is Nick Larkin.

A love story unfolds within the world of daytime television.This 2016 tale of love stretches from Brazil to England. Featuring a blend of jazz, Latin and traditional ballads, it’s a wry, contemporary look at today’s celebrity and story hungry media culture. A young orphaned couple from Rio’s favelas, who are struggling financially with their internet cafe, enter Payback, a paternity TV show in England. The government has privatised paternity claims and Payback aims to track down errant fathers and pay the injured party compensation. But the reality TV show is not quite reality, and the young couple are in danger of being nothing more than a solution to diving ratings, a soft target for the cynical and manipulative host, Matt Matthews, and a distraction to the government’s inability to deal with paternity claims

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