Pirate Project by Improbable at Ovalhouse Theatre

The Pirate Project, devised by Improbable, at the Ovalhouse Theatre, a fringe venue in Oval, south London, from 15 May to 2 June 2012.

Dramaturges Lee Simpson and Matilda Leyser, directed by Lucy Foster, designed by Philip Eddolls, sound by Nick Powell , produced by Lucy Foster in co-production with Improbable, in association with Ovalhouse. Cast includes Chloe Dechery, Lucinka Eisler , Simone Kenyon

In The Pirate Project three women set sail in search of their inner pirate. Expect sword fights, theatrical storms and cross dressing aplenty.

The escapades of Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Ching Shih - swashbuckling female pirates of the past - combine with intimate stories of personal piracy in the performers’ own lives. See these bloodthirsty damsels out-sail, out-think, and out-fight every man on the high seas. How did they do it? How does a slip of a girl subdue a ship of salty sea dogs? Could she still do it today? Has her 21st century counterpart got the guts to stick a dagger between her teeth, fire a broadside and make off with the booty?

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