Potted Panto returns to Vaudeville Theatre from 18 Dec

Potted Panto, by Daniel Clarkson, Jefferson Turner and Richard Hurst, returns to the Vaudeville Theatre, daytimes from 18 Dec to 8 Jan 2012. The show had a run at the same theatre last Christmas.

It is produced by Seabright Productions Limited and directed by Richard Hurst, and features Daniel Clarkson, Jefferson Turner (best-known as CBBC presenters, Dan and Jeff)

Offering 8 pantomimes for the price of one! Cinderella in 3D including a cameo from the first ever Fairy-Godchicken to grace a West End stage. They dazzle with a Dick Whittington featuring Jeff as the Mayor of London: blond, posh and receiving just the treatment he deserves (with a large mallet and a custard pie). A new take on Aladdin gives the story a whole new twist, and Daisy the Cow from Jack and The Beanstalk gives a heart-rending turn as she's led to market. Not to mention the full-scale versions of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty which see Dan and Jeff trying to work out not only how two people can play seven dwarves, but also which of them will make the prettiest princess. From conventions and costume to heroes and villains, the dastardly double act explore all the elements of the art form we both love and loathe as a nation.

Potted Panto tickets are now on sale.

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