Proud by John Stanley at the Lost Theatre

Prud, by John Stanley, directed by Oliver Jack, at the Lost Theatre, a fringe venue in Lambeth, south London, from 25 Jul to 12 Aug 2012.

Lewis is a Team GB Boxing hopeful for 2012 and he has the most important fight of his career approaching. Unfortunately this potentially life changing event coincides with an equally important occasion for his boyfriend Tom – the anniversary of an even more life-changing event. Things come to a head at Lewis’s eighteenth birthday party, organised for him by his adoring and proud mum, Rachel. She has no problems with him being gay but on the evening of the party it becomes abundantly clear that Lewis may not have been entirely honest with everyone about who and what he is. Throw into the mix his down-trodden older sister, his bigoted boxing trainer and Tom’s highly unimpressed lesbian friend Ally and you can be assured that this will be an eighteenth birthday to remember.

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