PVT.Wars by James Mclure at Rosemary Branch 10 August

Lost & Found presents PVT.Wars, by James Mclure, at Rosemary Branch Theatre, a fringe venue in north London, from 10 to 22 Aug 2010.

Directed by Rob Wilson, designed by Alice Walkling, starring Edward Fromson, David Newman, Mark Tintner.

'A one act play about three G.I.s recovering from Vietnam injuries who while away their time in an army hospital. Gately, a Hillbilly, fiddles compulsively with a disemboweled radio, convinced that if he can fix it he can leave; Silvio, a streetwise, big-city type, is addicted to 'flashing' the nurses, whilst Natwick, a prissy “rich kid” from Long Island writes letters to his mother. They can get out anytime they want to, they know that, but they don’t..'

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