Queens of Syria at the Young Vic Theatre

Developing Artists and Refuge Productions present Queens of Syria at the Young Vic Theatre from 5 to 9 July 2016, prior to a tour of the UK. The production is an adaptation of Euripides’ play and will feature a all-female cast of Syrian refugees.

Queens of Syria is the subject of an award-winning documentary and was first staged in Amman in 2013.

Synopsis: "Syrian refugees amalgamate their own narratives of ferocious war and bitter exile with ancient Greek text. The play is fused with scenes from a documentary to create a piece of multimedia theatre. "

Cast member Khaula shared her experiences of being involved in the original production: "We came into a new society, a new way of life: we were isolated. Doing this play helped us break the ice; we started to connect with others and make friends. It gave us the courage we needed to talk about our problems frankly and clearly. We feel that we can do something for Syria, and the Syrian people, by sending a message to the whole world – hopefully someone can help us end this tragedy.”

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