Rachel Bright and Will Stokes star in Busstopkisser at CPT

Action to the Word and Alexandra Spencer-Jones present the world premiere of the 'interactive love story' Busstopkisser, starring Eastenders soap star Rachel Bright alongside Will Stokes, at the Camden People's Theatre in north London from 24 Jun to 06 Jul 2014.

Busstopkisser is written by Ralf N Hohfeld, translated by Vanessa Fagan and directed by Alexandra Spencer-Jones.

Synopsis: 'In a world where nothing is real until it's been tweeted, where a relationship is made when Facebook says so, and where life is lived through the lens of Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, Busstopkisser pairs the butterflies of teenage love with the twenty first century information blitz.
It's all in the title: Romy (Rachel Bright) and Tom (Will Stokes) meet at a bus stop, and kiss. And Romy doesn't have a smartphone.
Technophile Tom can't keep track of her, and we experience the world through his eyes – arrays of screens flash with status updates of the mind, tweets of the imagination, photoshops of scenes that never were, and all the while a trademark Action to the Word soundtrack to his life blazes through his iPod.'

Rachel Bright is widely known for her recurring role as 'Poppy' in the long-running BBC soap 'Eastenders'. She joins actor Will Stokes, who has previously appeared in the Action to the Word production of 'A Clockwork Orange.'

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