Retold - A Fairytale Festival by Goblin Baby Theatre Co

Goblin Baby Theatre Company presents Retold - A Fairytale Festival at The Space Arts Centre, a 60 to 145-seat fringe venue in the Isle of Dogs, east London, from 14 to 18 Jan 2014 and transferring to the Hen and Chickens Pub Theatre, 50-seat fringe venue in Islington, north London, from 28 Jan to 1 Feb 2014.

Retold - A Fairytale Festival will present a new and contemporary take on three fairytales: 'As if by a Stair' by Amy Bethan Evans and directed by Tessa Hart; 'The Snow White Complex' by Tilly Lunken and directed by Kuba Drewa; 'Little Red Hoodie' by Claire Booker and directed by Bradley Leech & Rebecca Hill. The fairytales are aimed at an adult audience, although suitable for ages 12 and over.

'As if by a Stair' - Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your never-ending list of qualifications and work experience so that I may find it useful to me and rescue you from your childhood bedroom. That’s if I don’t go to one of the thousands of other maidens in your situation first; 'The Snow White Complex' - Outside a cinema Rose, Sophie and Lilly wait for the next screening of Snow White. It’s not for a while; they are far too old for this really, and yet here they still are, by the door, clinging onto the twisted dregs of a fairytale; 'Little Red Hoodie' - It’s dark, it stinks and it’s packed with victims. Can Hoodie, Gran and Aisha escape from the Wolf’s dark belly, or should they wait for the Woodcutter?

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