Rip Her To Shreds by Grant Corr at Old Red Lion 17 Mar

Icarus Theatre Collective presents Rip Her To Shreds by Grant Corr, at the Old Red Lion Theatre, a fringe venue in Angel north London, from 17 March to 3 April 2010.

Directed by Max Lewendel, starring Tom Read Wilson.

17 year old Davy has two choices: a slow, torturous demise dressed in a pin stripe suit or a violent death being ripped to shreds by Mena Town’s skin heads. But salvation comes in a single strapped, home made dress to make him Debbie Harry Gorgeous.

It’s 1981 and Mena Town isn’t ready for a seventeen year old gay, teenage transsexual. The local hard man thinks he can sort him out. D’s ma is at her wits end. His brother doesn’t want him to be best man at his wedding. And his best mate, big Brenda, wants D to keep his hands off her gorgeous new romantic boyfriend. D doesn’t understand why there is such a fuss from everyone, it’s his life, and it’s up to him what he wears, or who he goes out with; or is it?

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