Rocks and Hard Places by Tanja Mariadoss - Jack Studio

Breaking Thirty presents Rocks and Hard Places by Tanja Mariadoss, at the Jack Studio Theatre, a 50-seat fringe venue in Brockley, south London, from 30 July to 3 Aug 2013.

Directed by Amanda Hill, with lighting & sound by Paul Williams, the cast includes Susanna Goldsworthy, Tanja Mariadoss.

Tracey is a Switchboard Operator sick of working for The Man. Stella is an East End Fishmonger trying her luck on reality TV. Sarah and Sophie are estranged school friends attempting an ill-fated reunion. Mari makes peace at her mother’s grave whilst Loretta gate-crashes her childhood sweetheart’s wedding. Separate lives. Separate stories. But what these women share is the strength of spirit and resilience to survive when the world is up against them.

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