The Royal Court Theatre has now confirmed future productions:

Theatre Downstairs....
A SARAH KANE season, including three of her plays......

Blasted (29th Mar 01 - 28 Apr 01): Directed by James Macdonald, designed by Hildegard Bechtler, with lighting by Jean Kalman Cast includes: NEIL DUDGEON, TOM JORDAN MURPHY, KELLY REILLY. This play outraged many critics with its scenes of cannibalism, rape and defecation when it opened in 1995.

Crave (8th May - 9th June 01 at 7.30pm): Directed by Vicky Featherstone, designed by Georgia Sion, with lighting by Nigel J Edwards. Four conflicting internal monologues explore humankind’s need for love.

4.48 Psychosis (5th May - 9th June at 9pm): Directed by James Macdonald, designed by Jeremy Herbert , with lighting: Nigel J Edwards. Kane's last play, its name is attributed to the time that most suicides occur and was finished shortly before Kane took her own life at the age of 28.

A HAROLD PINTER double bill (from 21st June 01) Ashes to Ashes, a two hander about a marriage in crisis, and Mountain Language, about the injustices suffered by prisoners. Directed by Katie Mitchell , design by Vicki Mortimer, lighting by Paule Constable. Cast includes GABRIELLE HAMILTON and ANASTASIA HILLE.

Theatre Upstairs.....

Presence, by David Harrower (19th April - 12th May 01): Directed by James Kerr. It`s 1960 and a young band leave Liverpool for the notorious city of Hamburg. At night, tensions rise as they play eight hour sets to a dwindling audience. By day, they wander through a city with a history and an enduring legacy. If they don`t want to be on the next boat home they`ll have to come up with something - and fast.

Herons, by Simon Stephens (18th May - 9th June 01): Directed by Simon Usher. "This is the final entry into this journal. It is Friday. Today the sky is more purely blue than I can remember seeing it before. It seems terrible and huge and magnificent. This is everything." For Billy Lee Russell his days spent watching and waiting come to an end. Now, something has to be done, action has to be taken.

Clubland , by Roy Williams (15th June - 7th July 01): Directed by Indhu Rubasingham. "Are white girls more sexy than we are, I don't think so. Do they scream more when guys do it to them, I can scream, I can scream loud?" Hanging out in their usual London club Kenny and Ben are eyeing up the young white girls. They challenge each other to make the first move. The problem is that these boys are men, approaching thirty. In the middle of constant talk of girls and marriage an unwelcome reminder of their school days makes them grow up.

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