The Royal Court Theatre have confirmed their Spring 2002 Season:

In the theatre Downstairs....

The York Realist, by Peter Gill (Previews 4th Jan, Opens 8th Jan, closes 2nd Feb 02). Starring Felix Bell, Richard Coyle, Ian Mercer, Wendy Nottingham, Caroline O'Neill, Lloyd Owen, Anne Reid. At heart the play is a gay love story set in York in the early 1960s. While putting on the York Miracle Plays, a middle class young man has met a working class man and tries to persuade him to leave York for London, where he is working in the theatre. But unlike so many working class artists in the 1960s, he stays at home. The play is also a meditation on art, and in particular on the existence of an alternative tradition in English art ­ a working class, realistic tradition that goes back to the York Realist ­ the anonymous author of the York Mystery Cycles whose work is both tough and emotional, unsentimental and profoundly felt.


Nightsongs, by Jon Fosse (21st Feb to 23rd Mar 02). Directed by Katie Mitchell. They have a child and life changes. He can't go out and she can't stay in. He writes words which no one will publish and she takes a lover


Face to the Wall, by Martin Crimp (Late evening 12th to 23rd Mar 02). Directed by Katie Mitchell. Good job - tolerant wife - soft sheets and a white pillow. Life's treating him well. Fifteen minutes in suburbia, beginning with murder - and ending with a song.


In the theatre Upstairs

Bedbound, by Enda Walsh (Previews10th Jan, opens 15th Jan, closes 2nd Feb 02). Directed by Enda Walsh, starring Liam Carney, Norma Sheahan. A father and a daughter share a small bed. He talks frantically about his extraordinary past in furniture sales; she talks no less compulsively about anything at all, just to fill the terrifying silence in her head. Everything is frantic and broken and ugly because they can't stop talking. If only they could stop and sleep.


Push Up, by Roland Schimmelpfennig (Previews 8th Feb, opens 11th Feb, closes 2nd Mar 02). Directed by Ramin Gray. Everyone wants to get to the executive suite. Everyone wants the Delhi job. Everyone wants sex, everyone wants love. So, they push for it. PUSH UP is set in a world we all know: the world of work. (Part of the International Playwrights Season)


Steps To Siberia, (9pm, 6th to 9th Mar 02). Two young companies from Siberia create an evening inspired by the Royal Court's play development work in Russia using personal testimony. Theatre Lozhe (Lodge Theatre) - The Coalfield Three miners take a break from work and chat about holidays, meat-eating, calories and everyday life in a mining commune. Theatre Lozhe was founded in Kemerovo by the Russian performer and writer Evgeny Grishkovets; Babii (The Girls) - Soldiers' Letters From Chechnya and across Russia - a performance based on the letters of Russian conscripts -to and from their mothers, wives and lovers. Babii are an all-women theatre company from Chelyabinsk . (Part of the International Playwrights Season)


Plasticine, by Vassily Sigarev (Previews 15th Mar, opens 20th Mar, closes 6th Apr 02). Directed by Dominic Cooke. In a faceless city in the Urals a young boy dies. Women in the street are drunk, fight and ask for sex. Teenage Maksim makes his way through this corrupt world and is at one moment drawn in and the next repelled. His only escape is to retreat into a private world moulded by himself. (Part of the International Playwrights Season)




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